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About Us

Central Kansas Foundation has a long history of serving individuals and families who are desperate for hope and help. It may take one major incident or it may take years of repeated problems for an individual to seek help for their addiction. Whatever the precipitating factor(s), when an individual is ready for help it is our commitment to be there to provide hope.

The Board of Directors, management team and staff are committed to the values which have guided the work of Central Kansas Foundation for over 45 years. These values include having an open door for people to walk through at their most desperate hour to receive a warm welcome and hope that recovery is possible.

Our commitment to our clients is to provide these services in a safe and comfortable atmosphere in which an individual can honestly look at the issues affecting his or her life, and make positive lifestyle changes. Programs at Central Kansas Foundation are provided by trained, professional staff who are knowledgeable about substance abuse, dedicated to the agency’s mission and ready to assist you and your family.

The Pathfinder Recovery Center was opened in September 2010 as a drop-in center accessible to any individual, family or community member who needs information about addiction and recovery, or support throughout the stages of recovery. The Recovery Center was named Pathfinder after the first Central Kansas Foundation program founded in 1967 to honor our history and roots as a community-based program.

For the past several years, the collaboration with healthcare providers has been viewed as a key component in early detection, intervention, and support for those with substance use disorders. Central Kansas Foundation has successfully integrated recovery services into acute and primary care settings by collaborating with Salina Regional Health Center, and the Sunflower Health Network (a network of 15 critical care hospitals).

Recovery is not something that happens overnight. Just as addiction may take years to develop, recovery is also a lifelong process. It is the goal of the Central Kansas Foundation to support recovery through the lifespan and to celebrate each person’s unique path to recovery.

Whether you are in need of substance abuse treatment, or are looking for a speaker on a health related topic, we would like to be your resource in the Salina and surrounding communities.