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The CKF Addiction Treatment collaborates with Salina Regional Health Center and the Salina Family Health Center to offer substance abuse related medical services, including Suboxone dispensation. Patients are assessed using SBIRT (Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment) and if necessary, will meet with a licensed counselor to address their unique needs.

Physicians and individuals may make referrals by calling (785) 825-6224 or by sending an email to our nurse.


The trained professionals at CKF Addiction Treatment will provide a mental health assessment to potential patients. In this assessment our staff will look at a patient’s behavior, thinking, and other factors to help determine the best therapy.


All of our treatment programs use a therapeutic combination of proven treatment approaches including 12-Step Recovery, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, and Readiness for Change. The following are programs offered at CKF on an outpatient basis. Your treatment program is based off of your specific needs and determined by you and a licensed counselor.

Social Detoxification

Specially trained staff are available around the clock in our medically monitored residential program to help individuals through withdrawal and to assist them in seeking further services to address their broader chemical abuse issues.


When an individual’s needs can not be met through outpatient services, a 24-hour therapeutic environment is available.

All CKF Addiction Addiction Treatment facilities will be 100% tobacco-free effective August 1, 2018.