PRN- Substance Use Disorder (SUD) Coordinator

Date Posted: July 2023

Location: Stormont Vail – Topeka, KS


Position Summary: 

Delivers quality and effective substance use disorder clinical services to patients presenting and/or admitted to a medical facility for acute alcohol/drug intoxication.  Also, assists with review and analysis of utilization data, staff development, peer review, staff training, site visit preparation, and monitoring of clinical procedures and patient outcomes and other duties as defined by supervisor.


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Duties and Responsibilities Include:
  • Completes clinical screening, evaluation, and placement of patients.
  • Develops placement and discharge plans.
  • Coordinates the delivery of broad range clinical services targeted to minimize hospital utilization and maximize treatment engagement.
  • Collaborates with hospital staff to improve the management of patients.
  • Coordinates Substance Use Disorder services provided to the Emergency Services Department and additional areas of the hospital as needed.
  • Participates in planning and successfully implements clinical strategies to achieve the appropriate length of patient stay in acute care settings.
  • Plans and implements clinical strategies and resources to achieve increased engagement of acutely intoxicated individuals in indicated treatment services.
  • Identifies and coordinates the care planning for high utilizers of acute services and develops effective interventions to change default presentation from Emergency Services to identified community based services.
  • Interviews patients, reviews records, and confers with other professionals to evaluate condition of patient.
  • Counsels patients to assist patient in overcoming alcohol and drug dependency.
  • Counsels family members to assist family in dealing with and providing support for patient.
  • Counsels family members regarding the impact of alcohol and drug dependency in their lives.
  • Counsels patients/family members in crisis as needed.
  • Refers patient to appropriate services as needed such as detoxification, medical evaluation and treatment, social services, and recovery resources.
  • Maintains contact on regular basis with referral sources.
  • Monitors condition of patient to evaluate success of therapy, and adapts treatment as needed.
  • Maintains patient files utilizing identified technical resources and providing timely documentation in the EMR in a site visit ready manner, at all times.
  • Develops discharge/transition plans for patients going to SUD treatment.
  • Monitors condition of patient to evaluate success of therapy, and adapts treatment as needed.
  • Understands and implements all TAP 21 Addiction Counseling Competencies.
  • Participates in utilization review activities as required.


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