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Batterers’ Intervention Program

Batterers’ Intervention Program

Certified by the Kansas Attorney General’s office, the mission of Batterer’s Intervention Program is to hold batterers accountable, create nonviolent behavior, and promote safety for victims. On a wider scale, batterer intervention seeks to create social norms that reject rather than affirm or ignore battering within intimate family and household relationships.

Group therapy can be a successful approach to Batterer Intervention. Group therapy will have a trained leader conducting each session, and unlike family therapy, members of the group don’t know one another. Group therapy sessions can be conducted in varied therapeutic settings and levels of care. Group therapy provides motivation and peer support to the client.

This class is held in the McPherson and Salina offices of CKF Addiction Treatment.  Contact those locations for more information.


BIP clients will be asked questions about their behavior and feelings and possible triggers, as well as personal history and family history.