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Family Support

Family Support

The need for a strong support system is critical for anyone battling addiction. At CKF Addiction Treatment, we offer a variety of family support services throughout our programs including Residential, Outpatient, and peer to peer.

Residential Family Day

Patients completing treatment in our residential facilities still need to know they are supported once they go home, and their families need support as well. This is a day in which we bring the patient and family together to work on creating new habits and setting boundaries. It’s also a time for the family to ask questions and get more information about what to expect in the coming days.

Outpatient Family Day

Those patients receiving outpatient treatment and their families come together on family day to continue working on their relationships including setting and maintaining boundaries. Families can ask questions, receive support and learn more about what is needed to help their family member succeed.

How to Cope Support Group

When a loved one is involved in substance abuse, it takes a toll on the entire family. Family members are unsure how to help their loved one but also how to get help themselves. Our How to Cope Support Group offers a step toward healing.


Family Sessions

Family therapy works with the individual with substance abuse problems and the family to create a more integrated approach for treatment. This kind of therapy is beneficial to the person suffering from an addiction, as well as the family.