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CKF Addiction Treatment inserts highly trained addiction specialists into a hospital’s already existing assortment of disciplines.

Our staff has displayed great success in navigating the ever-changing dynamics of the substance use disorder treatment realm. Through our extensive knowledge of funding, resources, independent transportation, and forged relationships with community partners, we have been able to produce ground breaking data.

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Contracting for CKF staff to deliver SBIRT (Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment) is available on-site for medical facilities. This service would allow CKF staff members to be present in the medical facility to provide SBIRT, referrals, and brief crisis counseling for patients identified as having moderate to high risk substance use.

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Care Coordination

Since 2011, CKF Addiction Treatment has been involved in providing screening and care coordination in acute care settings, which currently include Salina Regional Health Center (Salina, KS) and Stormont Vail Health (Topeka, KS). Data from a research study with the Baker School of Nursing and Stormont Vail Health supports that CKF Addiction Treatment staff being integrated into medical settings can improve care and decrease recidivism for high-risk substance users from an organizational and patient standpoint.


Our staff are trained to navigate the network of available resources while meeting with patients to build engagement and create access to services. Each hospital has different needs that CKF Addiction Treatment will analyze with the facility to agree on a best fit for that organization.


In working with other medical organizations we have discovered and established successful processes and protocols for SBIRT implementation. Contracting with CKF is available for those health care organizations who believe that their patients diserve the most direct and expedited access to addiction health care resources.

Making substance use conversations easier

Engaging with patients by expanding addiction health care touch points in multiple settings is a benefit to the patient and the medical team. With CKF embedded in your medical setting, conversations about substance use become easier, and CKF staff take the lead in connecting patients to resources. The result will be improved patient health outcomes and decreased total cost to the facility.

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Our Director of Hospital Based Services is available to meet with you and provide further information. Please contact Michaela Loxterman at


About CKF

Addiction Treatment

CKF Addiction Treatment understands that addiction is a chronic disease that requires chronic disease management.

We have been providing addiction health care since 1967 and are continuously focusing on innovating our care delivery to match the needs of our patients. Though addiction can be challenging and confusing for those who have an addiction, there are care pathways available for you. CKF Addiction Treatment is here to make sure you are not alone on your journey to a better tomorrow.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why am I being asked questions about substance use at your partner hospitals? I did not go there because of an addiction.

Our partner hospitals know that the best way to treat a patient’s presenting condition is to understand all underlying factors of that patient’s health. Asking about substance use, among other screening questions, demonstrates that your hospital knows the importance of having all available information when making decisions that will affect you most.

Are partner hospitals considered CKF locations or addiction treatment facilities?

No. CKF Addiction Treatment provides contracted services on-site at the hospital in order to connect patients to the right care. Addiction treatment services often take place at another location. Each contract and the array of services provided by CKF will be specific to that hospital.

I am an Executive Director of a hospital that varies quite a bit in size from the hospitals you are working with. Would the size of the hospital or location (urban, rural, frontier) make a difference when contracting?

While the core elements remain consistent, there is no ‘one size fits all’ when building CKF services into a hospital. By assessing the size of your setting, data about services delivered annually, and location in Kansas, CKF can provide you with a recommendation and quote that will help you most. You may also request very specific services and CKF Addiction Treatment can offer a solution.