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Pathfinder Recovery Center

Pathfinder Recovery Center

617 E. Elm Street, Salina, KS 67401

The Pathfinder Recover Center is a community program accessible to any individual, family, or community member who needs information about addiction and recovery, or support throughout the recovery stages.

The Pathfinder Recovery Center is not a treatment program. Staffed by individuals who have experienced recovery first hand, the center offers drop-in services as well as scheduled programs. Individuals may be in treatment services, or involved in 12 Step programs, but are not required to be enrolled in or attending these programs to receive services through the Pathfinder Recovery Center.

We focus on four Recovery Zones:


Tobacco Cessation Education & Support
Addiction-Free Pain Management
HIV/AIDS Education, Testing & Counseling
Medical Assessment
Nutritional Counseling


Resource Center
Vocational Skills Training
Job Postings
Workforce Presentations


Marriage & Family Therapy
Financial & Credit Counseling
Anger Management Skills Training
Housing Assistance
Child Care Services


Screening, Assessment & Referral
Co-Occurring Disorders Group
Support Groups
Substance Abuse Treatment
(Early Recovery, Relapse Prevention & Continuing Care)

Walk-In Support

Anyone is able to drop-in at Pathfinder during open hours! We want to be a spot where everyone can come together in a space that is safe, fun and in which recovery is supported. There’s always something happening at Pathfinder. Listed below are on-going opportunities, or check the calendar below for specific events and times.

Resource Center
The Learning Lab at Pathfinder is available for anyone to learn about addiction and recovery, access info from the recovery zones, receive transportation vouchers and find volunteer/community service opportunities.

Peer Support Services
We offer peer support services such as Recovery Planning, Recovery Skills Training, Recovery Support Groups and Individual Recovery Coaching.

Peer Mentoring

Peer mentoring is most easily recognized in 12-step programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. In these peer relationships, support is provided by those in recovery who are maintaining sobriety, offering motivation, support and tactics for avoiding substance abuse.

myStrength Phone Application

myStrength is an addiction recovery support available on demand through a mobile device. Peer support is an important part of a successful recovery and through myStrength, those dealing with substance abuse issues can access counselors and peers to provide them support as needed.

Those in recovery answer surveys about how they are feeling and based on those results, support is customized to help the addict receive support and even receive motivation reminders (photos of family, texts, etc.).

This innovative app is another way to help those in recovery stay on the road to sobriety.  The myStrength app is available to all CKF Addiction Treatment patients, staff, and family members free of charge via a unique access code.  Contact CKF Addiction Treatment for more information.