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CKF Addiction Treatment has been providing quality, effective, and innovative addiction health care since 1967.

At CKF, our addiction health care professionals understand that addiction is a chronic disease that requires support and understanding as you focus on achieving the outcomes that matter most to you. The treatment program that will most benefit you will be based on your current and past symptoms, clinical recommendations, and your decision about how you would like to move forward with your recovery.

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All locations offer outpatient telehealth and in-person.

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Patient Feedback

Amazing caring people through Salina CKF!

They did a great job and i feel I’ve gained a lot of information I can utilize throughout my journey from now on.

It's a good service with good counseling. Thank you...

I was recommended for the grant program, without any problem. I am so very grateful for the treatment opportunity.

Everything was covered well, the counseling is good, if people listen they will be able to receive what they need.

These outpatient group sessions have helped me SO much. Combined with taking suboxone the way I'm supposed to, I feel completely confident in my ability to stay clean and sober.

I am very happy with the counselor I have been assigned. I cannot express how much she has made me feel comfortable with the things that we have discussed.

I love CKF. They do such an amazing job. My life has completely changed for the better.

My counselor is awesome and the group has helped my family tremendously, to become healthier and stay sober.

My counselor is very encouraging and very supportive to all of his clients and their individual treatment.He's been helping me with my program and I am very grateful for everything he has done for me. He is definitely an inspiration to me...

Amazing caring people though Salina CKF

I'm very satisfied with my staff interaction they are always there for me and they meet all of my needs

I am very satisfied with the treatment that I am receiving through CKF

My counselor is very supportive and encouraging

I have been given excellent care. Thank you

This place has been amazing! I'm very grateful for Ashby house/CKF treatment program.

I'm happy with my treatment

I have had immense help through the CKF program!

I am very grateful for the care received

I love CKF!

100% Satisfied

I am very pleased with CKF of McPherson and how far my recovery has come. I feel that I have have learned more and have a much better understanding of material covered, recovery process and where I’m at as a sober Person. This is new to me and I couldn’t be happier!! Go CKF!!

CKF saved my life.

I had a great experience with is treatment. It helped alot being able to Express my feeling and I learned how to coup with the hard things I've been dealing with in the past 4 months

Glad ckf is here and available for me. More support and resources like ckf would help too.

I am very happy with the outpatient treatment I have received.

My counselor is the best counselor alive and I appreciate everything she has ever done for me

Love counselor. Group is great

The people here are great and really take an interest in you and your recovery.

I thank God for the care and compassion I have received from my counselor.

Thanks for the help, and your kindness. Keep up the good work!!!

CKF gives me the foundation and support system needed to successfully grow through recovery

I feel like ckf has provided great treatment for me.

This program has made a positive change in my life. I used to be afraid of tomorrow and now I see a happy future sober with my children. It has approved my attitude, my self worth and my well being. I enjoy coming her and the company I have while being here. I feel completely safe with the program and the counselor here.

I am very happy with CKF program it helps me out a lot to stay clean and sober.

This program has been a blessing to me and I am so grateful.

I really enjoy the methods in which the group sessions are carried out. It's a very positive environment...

Group has become something to look forward to and a an outlet to release some bottled up thoughts and emotions. My counselor is truly great and I am so thankful for the experience and support!

I love the staff here they are extremely helpful and they care about us. You really feel welcome and appreciated at this facility.

The counselor here does a terrific job communicating with her clients, from what I see... It's a very open and caring environment here at CKF...

Thank you for having this facility and opportunity available for me, it had saved my life in all honesty.

Just want to say that my counselor is a wonderful counselor. She cares about everyone in her group and and she goes above and beyond to help and talk to everyone and to make sure everyone is safe and feels safe.

I love this place and I'm very satisfied with my treatment thus far.

I'm glad I was able to come to CKF for treatment I've learned alot

I was completely satisfied with the quality of my treatment.

CKF has helped me a lot with all aspects of my addiction and also gave me the proper tools I need to take with me to use! I am thankful for the staff here!

Pleased with my stay here at CKF, they helped me get some necessary things for my life back out in the real world. Helped me get into sober living and my social security card as well. Got me a vision card to help with food too. Overall very satisfied with this place.

I have gained many tools for my recovery! I have enjoyed being here!!!!!

Staff from the techs to the counselors are compassionate individuals who truly care about their patients and it's obvious to those of us who are here to get actual help.

Thankful for my opportunity here at CKF

I am feeling really good about my recovery and the treatment I received while at ckf. Thank you

I loved my counselors and my techs and nurses. I feel as though I did a 180° since arriving here and am more confident than I have ever been after residential treatment at ckf. I can't wait and am excited for my future and have no desire to fall back on my old lifestyle. I love my new life thanks to this inpatient treatment

CKF has run a good program for me and others who come here. All the counselors and staff were genuinely concerned for my wellbeing and giving me the tools to prevent a relapse and be successful! Thank you very much for all the care and everything else this facility has done for me!

I’ve gotten one on one time from staff while in residential treatment as well as counselors in outpatient. Throughout the entire program I have been given top level care from staff and could not be more appreciative than I am for what so many staff members have done to support me.

From my time in the residential program to now in the last level of outpatient group, I have received amazing care from people who care a great deal about what they do and the people they care for. As a whole the entire staff is extremely compassionate and helpful and without their support I would not be 6 months sober and living a healthier life.

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CKF Addiction Treatment holds an annual event and run to celebrate National Recovery Month every September! We also have free support groups in-person and online through our Pathfinder Recovery Center. Please visit our calendar to find out more!

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