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Salina, Kansas

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Medical Clinic, Outpatient, Administration M-F 8am-5pm
Pathfinder Recovery Center M-F 8am-8pm
Detoxification, Residential 24/7 Staff Available

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CKF Addiction Treatment began offering addiction health care services in Salina, KS in 1967. Today, our headquarters are still located in Salina, however, our services have extended across the state.

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We are located just south of I-70 off the Ohio Street Exit.

Turn left onto Ohio Street, continue until you come to Elm Street, turn right, and we are just a few blocks down on the right. To access our Pathfinder Recovery Center and Outpatient services, please park and enter on the West side of the building with signage for these services. To access our Medical Clinic, Detoxification, and Residential services, please park and enter on the East side of the building with signage for these services.

About CKF

Addiction Treatment

CKF Addiction Treatment understands that addiction is a chronic disease that requires chronic disease management.

We have been providing addiction health care since 1967 and are continuously focusing on innovating our care delivery to match the needs of our patients. Though addiction can be challenging and confusing for those who have an addiction, there are care pathways available for you. CKF Addiction Treatment is here to make sure you are not alone on your journey to a better tomorrow.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is your Women's Program located at your Salina location?

Our Women’s Program is located in Salina, however, it is at a different location. For more information about accessing our Women’s Program, please visit this page on our website

Does your medical clinic offer emergency care for someone who is overdosing on a substance?

Our Medical Clinic primarily offers MAT services and medical care for patients in our Detoxification and Residential services. We do not have 24/7 nursing on-site at this location. When needing emergency medical care, it is always best to go to the Emergency Room or to call local Emergency Management services for an ambulance.

Do I have to live in Saline to get services from the Salina location?

You do not have to live in Salina to access services from CKF Addiction Treatment. We have in-person and telehealth services available for your convenience. Please call 785-825-6224 or use Help Now to get started.

I don't have insurance but think that these services could help me. What do I do?

CKF Addiction Treatment has funding available for those who do not have insurance and lack the ability to pay. Services may be free after accessing this funding or if you do not qualify for funding we do have a sliding fee scale available which will base the cost on your individual income.

We are here to make your first step towards recovery a little bit easier

For more information and support, please visit with a Recovery Coach by calling 785-825-6224 or by using Help Now.

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