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CKF Addiction Treatment began offering addiction health care services in Salina, KS in 1967. Today, our headquarters are still located in Salina, however, our services have extended across the state. Call today, we are here to help.

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CKF Addiction Treatment understands that addiction is a chronic disease that requires chronic disease management.

We have been providing addiction health care since 1967 and are continuously focusing on innovating our care delivery to match the needs of our patients. Though addiction can be challenging and confusing for those who have an addiction, there are care pathways available for you. CKF Addiction Treatment is here to make sure you are not alone on your journey to a better tomorrow.

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Are there Peer Mentors/ Recovery Coaches in your McPherson office?

While we do not have Peer Mentors physically located at the McPherson office, we do incorporate Peer Mentor services into all outpatient services offered at CKF. You will work with a Peer Mentor virtually as they are an important component of your treatment team. Please call Pathfinder Recovery Center today if you would like to access this service separate from our counseling services.

I called the McPherson office and spoke to someone in Salina. Is this person going to help me with my appointments in McPherson?

Yes. All of our clerical staff can help you with appointments offered at any CKF location or partner site. When calling any CKF office, it is possible that our clerical staff from another office will answer your call so that you do not have to wait for our local clerical staff to finish serving another customer. Rest assured, we’ve got you covered with live staff and will never use an automated phone system to keep you waiting.

I went to you McPherson office and the sign on the door said that they were out for lunch. I need to talk to someone in that office ASAP. What do I do?

Most often, staff are available in-person during our business hours. Because this office is a regional location, there are less staff available on-site and it is possible at times to experience a sign hanging on the door when you arrive. If this occurs, you can still call the McPherson office phone number and other CKF staff are available to assist you with your McPherson office needs.

Can I receive MAT if I get services from McPherson and not Salina?

Yes. Accessing our MAT services in Salina can be done by traveling to the Salina location or accessing the service virtually depending on your situation. Please contact CKF today or visit our Medical Clinic page (link) to find out more.

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