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August 2021

Governor Laura Kelly Announces Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services Receives $2.7 Million to Fund New KS HEART Program

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CKF Addiction Treatment is excited to be one of two partner agencies receiving funding under the KS Helping Empower And Recover Together (KS HEART) program through the Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services (KDADS). Grant funding through this program will be used to provide evidence-based, family-centered treatment services to pregnant and postpartum women in Kansas with substance use disorders.

CKF Abilene is Moving

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I am excited to share with you that CKF Abilene is finding a new home at 103 NW 3rd Street!

We have known that the Abilene office has been outgrowing itself for quite some time and because of the great service being offered in Abilene we only see demand continuing. After looking at a few locations, we settled on one last month that is going to be a great fit. The office will continue to be located in downtown Abilene but the quality, size, and functionality of the space will be vastly improved. The renovations to the new space have been completed and staff will begin moving over this Friday with an Open House taking place on September 13th.

– Shane

Social Work Wildcat Conference, October 18th

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CKF Addiction Treatment CEO, Shane Hudson, will be presenting at the Social Work Wildcat Conference hosted by Kansas State University Polytechnic on October 18th. CKF Addiction Treatment is the lead sponsor for this event, and we are excited to be involved any time addiction is a highlighted topic. Educating the community and professionals is a strategic focus of ours so that we can help improve knowledge of addiction.

CEO of CKF Addiction Treatment Appointed to the Governor’s Council

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Shane Hudson has been appointed by Governor Laura Kelly to serve on the Governor’s Behavioral Health Services Planning Council.

Hudson has been the CEO of CKF Addiction Treatment, an addiction health care agency that is based in Salina and provides services across the state, for three years and has been with the agency for 11 years.

The purpose of the council is to advise the governor on adult, adolescent and children’s services issues; review the Block Grant Plan and make recommendations; serve as an advocate for adults with a serious mental illness, children with a serious emotional disturbance, and other individuals with mental illnesses or substance use disorders; and to monitor, review, and evaluate the allocation and adequacy of services within the state.

“I am honored to have been appointed by the governor to serve on this very important committee,” Hudson said. “My focus as an appointee is to help ensure that those suffering from the chronic disease of addiction are more fully understood, have access to the appropriate services, and receive quality care when engaging in addiction health care services in the State of Kansas.”

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CKF Addiction Treatment Partners with Kansas Medicaid Managed Care Organizations for Addiction Health Care Services

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I am excited to announce that CKF Addiction Treatment is partnering with primary care clinics and Kansas Medicaid managed care organizations to further provide access points for those needing addiction health care services.

CKF is focused on creating touch points within existing care pathways to engage the 90% of those with addiction who are not showing up in addiction health care settings. In fact, those individuals might not even feel that they can have safe conversations about substance use and how it affects them with their primary care providers.

These partnerships are strengthening screening processes as well as the knowledge and comfort of medical professionals when discussing addiction with patients. Why should talking about addiction be any different than talking about other chronic diseases? When a patient feels comfortable enough to speak with professionals about their own health, then we have an opportunity to engage and begin a course of care that can change the patient’s health trajectory.

Please see the attached press release and map for further information.

Shane Hudson
President & CEO
CKF Addiction Treatment

Press Release: Press Release-CKF Addiction Treatment Partners with Kansas Medicaid Managed Care Organizations for Addiction Health Care Services
Partner Site Map: Clinic Partner Site Map-07-26-21