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Prevention Collaborative

The collaborative has two main goals:

  • Integrate behavioral health prevention efforts (substance use disorders, suicide prevention, mental health promotion, problem gambling education and awareness)
  • Allocate greater resources to local level, community-driven prevention efforts

The Kansas Prevention Collaborative website has a wide range of resources for local communities including information on prevention topics, eLearning modules, and a listing of local coalitions across the state working in different prevention areas.

The Saline County Tobacco Use Prevention Coalition has four main goals:

  • Reduce tobacco product use by preventing initiation of use among young people
  • Promote quitting among young people and adults
  • Eliminate nonsmokers’ exposure to secondhand smoke
  • Identify and eliminate the disparities related to tobacco use and its effects among different population groups

Saline County Tobacco Use Prevention Coalition

The Tobacco Use Prevention Coalition.

Members include faculty, staff and concerned citizens from the surrounding school districts including USD 305, USD 306, USD 307, and Sacred Heart Jr/Sr High School.

The Saline County Tobacco Use Prevention Coalition meets bi-monthly. For more information on the coalition, including meeting dates, contact Chelsey Copeland. 785-825-6224 or


Resist, sponsored by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, is a youth-led, statewide movement created to fight against the tobacco industry’s influence.

Resist advocates for the de-normalization of tobacco use in Kansas’ youth and unites communities to create one voice to stand up against the tobacco industry. Youth not only participate in tobacco control prevention activities structured by this program, but they also help design and implement them using the Center for Disease Control and Preventions Best Practices for Youth Engagement. For more information on Resist you may visit their website

For local Resist chapters or if you are interested in starting your own please contact Rachel Bieker 785-825-6224 or

Get Real About Tobacco

Program goals:

  • Increase knowledge and awareness of the dangers associated with tobacco and e-cigarette use
  • Provide skills to help youth resist peer pressure to use tobacco or e-cigarettes
  • Formulate quit plans and align resources for additional support to quit

Sessions will be held in the CKF Outpatient Building, 617 E. Elm Street. There is a program fee of $40 to attend and pre-registration is required. Please call for class dates.

We help you understand the warning signs

Prevention services allow you to access the right resources before substance use becomes a diagnosable condition. Take time to understand your use and the services available to you that will help you understand the warning signs. Connect with our prevention staff today by calling 785-825-6224.

We are here to make your first step towards recovery a little bit easier

For more information and support, please visit with a Recovery Coach by calling 785-825-6224 or by using Help Now.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I talk to my child about vaping?

Unfortunately, the issue of vaping is very commonplace in the current adolescent culture. If you suspect that your child could be vaping the best thing that you can do is talk to them about their experiences with vaping. Vaping is not viewed the same as cigarettes, or other traditional tobacco products, so approaches that have worked well in the past are no longer effective. Research has shown that “scare tactics” do not produce positive effects, but rather engaging the youth in their own decision making is the direction we need to take when looking at the vaping epidemic. For the most part, the youth is surprisingly open about this issue. Asking questions and listening empathetically is the most important step you can take. Research on the vaping industry is also recommended. Behind The Haze™ is a great resource for teens. This information was designed with the input of teen focus groups on what information they found the most valuable. You and your teen can visit the website for more information on vaping.

What services does CKF offer for adolescents?

CKF offers two classes, Get Real About Tobacco and Youth Education and Safety. Get Real About Tobacco features issues surrounding teen tobacco use and vaping, how to quit, and how to handle peer pressure associated with vaping. Youth Education and Safety (YES) encompasses all areas of substance misuse with an emphasis on underage drinking. This course is designed to be taken by the youth and their guardian together. YES also highlights important communication skills between youth and adult to increase the likelihood of sustained, safe behavior. These courses are meant as a preventative and educational measures, not treatment. If you are an adolescent, or know an adolescent, who would benefit from seeking treatment we can refer you to agencies who are licensed to do so. Please contact Rachel Bieker 785-825-6224 or email for more information.

How do I get involved?

Currently we have an active committee through the Saline County Tobacco Use Prevention Coalition that focuses on the schools. This is our current youth engagement measure. Through this coalition we plan to build Resist chapters, which are youth-led organizations. If you are interested, or would like more information, in either the Saline County Tobacco Use Prevention Coalition or Resist please contact Rachel Bieker 785-825-6224 or email

What services are available for youth tobacco cessation?

Over the past few years there have been new programs developed to help youth kick their vaping habit. My Life My Quit™ is a free and confidential Quitline service designed with teens in mind. MD Anderson Cancer Center has also created an interactive, online “game” that helps educate teens on tobacco and formulate a quit plan called Aspire™. Both of these services are also available in Spanish. Please visit their websites for more information: My Life My Quit™ MD Anderson Aspire™ Nicotine replacement therapy (gum, patches, lozenges) are also available to youth through prescription only. Please talk to your primary care physician if you feel this is the best route for you.