CKF Bridgehouse – Topeka

We have some very exciting news to share. There is about to be a designated women’s treatment program in Topeka for the first time. CKF Addiction Treatment has purchased a property at 900 SW 39th Street in Topeka to expand our designated women’s treatment program model to the Topeka community.

Similar to our Salina location, CKF Bridgehouse – Topeka will provide living space for women and children free of charge for a 90-day period (maximum) while the women receive on-site addiction treatment, skills classes, services from partner agencies, and access/engagement with community resources. This program will help women and their children build foundations for success in the Topeka community while receiving plenty of support along the way.

Currently, we are working with a construction company and architect to get renovation plans submitted to the City of Topeka and plan on an opening in March 2024.

We look forward to seeing the impact CKF Addiction Treatment can further make in the Topeka community along with our strong partnership with Stormont Vail, which has seen CKF staff embedded in their facility since 2015.