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CKF Addiction Treatment has partnered with primary care clinics across the state to ensure that patients are screened for moderate to high risk substance use by their trusted health care professionals and connected to the appropriate care right away.

The health care professionals that you work with locally want to make sure that you have access to addiction health care services from your area of the state. CKF Addiction Treatment and your primary care clinic will coordinate your care and offer support as you manage the chronic disease of addiction.

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We normalize the substance abuse conversation to give you support

When you visit a CKF Addiction Treatment partner clinic, there will be annual screening questions that are asked of all patients 18 years and older. If the initial screening questions show that there may be problematic substance use occurring, one of the clinic staff will follow-up with you to ask further questions about your substance use.


Primary Care


All of our partner clinics agree that it is important to understand a patient’s whole health in order to provide exceptional care to the patient.

Along with other behavioral health diagnoses or symptoms, it is difficult for your primary care provider to help you achieve the best health outcomes if they are not aware that moderate to high risk substance use exists.


Your health care provider will start a conversation with you about substance use if this is an area of concern, as they would when addressing any other health condition. You may not believe it is a problem or maybe you are not ready to do something about it. That is okay. The goal is to normalize the conversation and assist you in making the best decisions for your health and your desired outcomes.


If you would like to do something, there are options. You might request detoxification, residential, Pathfinder Recovery Center support, or an assessment. Once you are ready, CKF and your primary care team will do our part to make the process as easy as possible. You can access some of the services directly from your home. If you complete an assessment and would like to be referred to another local addiction health care provider, CKF can help you with that as well.


National data shows that almost 25% (1 in 4) of those attending primary care services could screen positive for moderate to high risk substance use. CKF Addiction Treatment understands that in order to engage with patients who need care most, we must expand our touch points within the health care system.

Easy access to addiction healthcare

Primary care providers at CKF partner sites will lead the way in identifying your health care needs. What you would like to do next is completely up to you. There are virtual services available directly from your home so that you can easily access the benefits of addiction health care from wherever you are.

We are here to make your first step towards recovery a little bit easier.

For more information and support, please visit with a Recovery Coach by calling 785-825-6224 or by using Help Now.

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About CKF

Addiction Treatment

CKF Addiction Treatment understands that addiction is a chronic disease that requires chronic disease management.

We have been providing addiction health care since 1967 and are continuously focusing on innovating our care delivery to match the needs of our patients. Though addiction can be challenging and confusing for those who have an addiction, there are care pathways available for you. CKF Addiction Treatment is here to make sure you are not alone on your journey to a better tomorrow.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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My primary care provider is not listed on your map. Can I still access your services?

Yes. CKF Addiction Treatment offers services to individuals across the state via telehealth. Pathfinder Recovery Center, Assessment, Outpatient, and Medical Clinic services are available to you from your home.

If I complete an assessment and am recommended treatment, do I have to start right away?

When and how you access addiction health care services is up to you. Completing an assessment is a great way for you to gain a better understanding of your substance use, if your symptoms would qualify as an addiction, and what resources are available to you. Recommendations are meant to offer you a suggestion of the best fit to have the most positive impact on your health.

I am curious about treatment, however, I am not sure that it is right for me. Is there anything I can access other than an assessment to learn more about my substance use?

Peer mentors at Pathfinder Recovery Center are available Monday through Friday, 8a-8p, to offer you support and answer your questions. You may also attend our virtual support services for free (link)