Residential Nurse

Date Posted: Feb. 2021

Location: Salina

Department: Residential

Position Summary: 

Provides nursing care to substance use disorder patients in detox and residential treatment programs by performing the following duties.
Duties and Responsibilities Include:
  • Regular and predictable attendance.
  • Adheres to all policies and procedures relating to clinical licensure standards.
  • Oversees the medical care of patients detoxing from alcohol and/or other drugs.
  • Administers injections and oral medications, following Physician’s instructions.
  • Takes and maintains records of vital statistics, such as pulse, temperature, respiration, to provide daily information.
  • Observes patients to detect behavior patterns and reports observations to Program Director and/or Medical Director.
Duties and Responsibilities Include:
  • Issues medications from dispensary and maintains records in accordance with specified procedures.
  • Provides HIV/AIDS education to staff and patients.
  • Provides general health educations to staff and patients of residential and detox unit.
  • Administers and documents TB Skin testing for staff and patients.
  • Interview patients, reviews records, and confers with other professionals to evaluate condition of patients.
  • Transports patients off grounds to required appointments.
  • Other duties as assigned.