What Else Can We Do?

Over the last few months, CKF Addiction Treatment has talked with several of our team members about the impact of fentanyl, opioids, and overdose deaths in our communities. This not only impacts our patient population but also impacts those who provide these services. Losing patients to addiction is never easy, and access to services, funding streams, and additional harm reduction initiatives feels limited, frustrating, and constantly changing.

What hasn’t changed, and what we’ve consistently seen with these conversations, has been, “What else can we do?”

Over the past several weeks, we have been working on processes for centralizing accessibility, awareness, and distribution of Narcan kits. The collaboration across the agency on this initiative has been wonderful, and we want to thank our team for their, ideas, passion, and hard work to get these pieces put together.

As a result of these collaborations, below are the steps that have been taken (or will be taken) at CKF to help impact what we can as an agency.

  1. CKF’s nursing team has distributed Narcan kits to different departments/locations throughout the agency: Residential, MAT Clinic, McPherson, Abilene, Salina OP, Pathfinder, and Bridgehouse. Kits are available (1 per person) to patients and individuals who could utilize/benefit from Narcan access. Kits will be available through each of these departments until we run out.
  2. In addition to each kit, the marketing team has created an insert that will be provided, along with instructions on how to administer it. Hard copies will be distributed before Friday, May 5th, 2023. The insert also includes a QR code to collect data on the utilization of each kit.
  3. Downloadable instructions and a Narcan Instruction Video will be posted on our website (MAT Clinic page), along with education around fentanyl and Narcan via CKF’s social media platforms.
  4. CKF’s assessment team will include a standard statement in all assessment/evaluation recommendations on where to access free resources for patients/families interested in receiving Narcan.

We know that addiction doesn’t discriminate and that it can impact anyone. We see this each day in the work that we do and the patients we serve. Consistent education and information help reduce the stigma associated with drug use and demonstrate support for those struggling with addiction.

If you are interested in a Narcan kit please call the CKF Addiction Treatment office today at 785.825.6224. They provide an opportunity for education, conversation and can save a life.